We help you in achieving business objectives by providing accurate accounting & financial statements besides we identify the risk, opportunities & threats present in your accounting & financial statement vis a vis Business Plans


Our services in Internal & External Audit for special purpose checking & verification accounting, financial & commercial transactions with utmost care, understanding as seeing what is not visible on the face of it to unearth, non-compliance, fraud, manipulations & imprudence in commercial transactions besides degree of compliant.

We strive to communicate to the stakeholder’s relevant and useful information, intention and reasons for challenges and risks to profitability to accomplish all this by developing an understanding of your organization and its policies, procedures & goals. With this knowledge and understanding, we inform the stakeholders/management about our Audit observations & way forward in an absolute crystal clear manner with due responsibility to enable them to achieve business goals, stay compliant with the applicable regulations and still remain to the desired profitable level..

No matter, what challenges are involved in our audit process, our experts with domain knowledge move forward despite challenges with the cooperation of the stakeholders.


We certainly guide you to save money/taxes wherever it is possible with due compliance of applicable taxations, laws, whether GST or Income Tax Act 1956. Our expertise in Tax planning helps you in minimizing your tax liability and maximize your profits for you business expansions & diversifications. We don’t crunch numbers, figures; we follow the most appropriate strategies that follow and get’s desired results as envisaged by the management.